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Following are the best courses we have

Game Designing And Programming


Want to create game apps? Get started today, with our game development training courses. Designed and taught by the experts, our on-demand classes make it easy to learn game development on your schedule. Game Programming is one of the unique courses we offer. We have a well defined syllabus which makes each and every student with accentinfotech capable of making their own course. The course targets on making the student proficient in making game applications, both on mobile environment and desktop.Students can master both the game development aspect, and the program design. The course provides the ability to direct your passion for design or development with a modular structure. The majority of the work is practical programming, the games course has access to labs with development units for the libgdx framework, and there are many standard applications which run on libgdx.
The Basic topics cover.
-Basic skills on drawing with photoshop.
-Programming with Java/Android
-Libgdx Game Frame work introduction.
-Action scripting with flash.
We also provide basic programming classes, for those who have no basic programming knowledge.



This course covers the design, construction, and testing of robotic systems, through team projects with each student responsible for a specific subsystem. Projects focus on programming with a robotic kit. . Topics include basic programming, and operation of robotic kits. The topics include studying and analysis of pin configurations and architecture of various robotic controllers, the device and platform features of various interface devices,analysing and studying the concepts of digital and analog port, etc, Controlling and creating different LED patterns to analyse the digital output features of various digital circuits,steps for Using a buzzer as an alarm unit,controlling electromagnetic relays,controlling Electrical appliances with electromagnetic relays. The course is designed in such a way that any one with less electronic knowledge can master robot making.




Today, in the modern day, many of the daily appliances and equipment use electronics, sensors and sophisticated computer technologies. Circuit Designing is an important part of all Electronic Gadget or Robotics. If we know how to design any circuit & logic behind it then we can do all innovation with our own creative ideas.Even with the basic knowledge we can do a lot of circuits which changes our day to day living. A lot can be done with the knowledge of transistors, op amps and logic gates.While designing a circuit, we need to think about what we want to achieve. Start simple. What power source will you be using? A 9V battery? Sketch roughly all these things.Our course helps us to achieve your goals. You can create your own circuits by attending our course.It can be anything ,a dancing circuit ,clapping circuit ,but it will be a circuit that you have made. The main topics include,Introduction to Basic Electronics,Introduction to Circuit Designing (My First Circuit) ,Hands on Session on various circuits.No prior knowledge is needed. We will be giving all the basics needed for you.

Linux Networking & Shell scripting


The need for linux knowledge with advanced administration and networking is increasing day by day and competition for people with experience is fierce. If you’re looking to be an expert in linux, you need training to help transition to Linux from other platforms,and want to brus up on the admin and networking skills. This course will teach you what you need to know.The linux courses gives you an excellent base for the Linux operations. You will quickly learn many Linux commands which can only be learnt over a period of time without guidance. The combination of commands and creating structural code with conditional statement would make a shell script powerful and would help student in automating the things.This course helps to beginner, intermediate and advanced level. Student needs to be familiar with the concept of Computer and Operating system.Any prior working knowledge of programming language would help, however it is not at all necessary. In a short period of time, the student will be able to handle the linux systems with commandline and GUI easily.


Hardware And Networking


The goal of the Hardware and Networking course is to offer practical knowledge about the hardware and networking domain so that the students are capable enough to handle real time situations. Basically Hardware is all about CPU, SMPS, RAM, and all peripheral devices.If you are a hardware engineer this means you have to take care of all the hardware related issues and installation and configuration of those parts.In networking you have to start with cabling, osi model, tcp ip model, IP addressing than routing and all. basically you are going to set a network for data flow .After doing our course , you will be able to identify, rectify all the hardware problems, you will be able to identify the basic faults in the network. The main goal of this course is to make the student , confident in handling the hardware and network scenarios in the IT world.

Mobile Application Development


Mobile application development is similar to Web application development and is similar in developing softwares. The main difference is that , mobile applications are written specifically to take advantage of the unique features a particular mobile device. For example, a gaming app might be written to take advantage of the iPhone’s accelerometer. There are different programming languages for developing a mobile app. HTML5 is the ideal programming language if you are looking to build a Web-fronted app for mobile devices. The primary programming language for iOS apps is Objective-C which was chosen by Apple to build apps that are robust and scalable. Swift is the latest programming language to foray into the Apple ecosystem, mainly considering its prevalence in writing code for Apples latest APIs, Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. Java programming language is one of the most preferred languages when it comes to Android app development. Our courses gives you a full advantage of all these languages. The student will be able to understand and work with all these programming languages.